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Volunteering – Your key to a world of professional opportunities!

Interested in connecting with other volunteers and communications professionals?
Volunteer with IABC Atlanta to expand your experience and skills while advancing the communications profession in Atlanta.

But who has the time? Your calendar is full, your bandwidth is gone. We get it! Whether you have five minutes a month or five hours, we have a volunteer opportunity that will fit your schedule.

Volunteering Opportunities

Recognition: Golden Flame Communications

  • Build a communications strategy that will help meet entry and attendance goals
  • Create posts for various channels using our cool/casual/all-about-fun tone
  • Coordinate with the Communications Committee to make it all happen
  • Coordinate judging process
  • Recruit volunteer judges
  • Manage reciprocal judging asks
  • Find ways to train or recognize judges


  • Social media posts – create posts for various social media channels
  • Social media graphics – create social media cards that will catch attention
  • Content creators – write short articles, profiles and content for the website or newsletters
  • Influencers – help boost IABC with unique posts on their own channels


  • Sponsorship liaison – keep our sponsors front and center at events and in communications


  • New member coordinator – reach out to new members at events or via email to ensure they are recognized and connected with other members

Professional Development

  • Luncheon greeters & networkers – greet attendees and make sure people are connecting at luncheons
  • Speaker coordinators – once speakers are identified, follow-up with event details, a presentation summary and bio

Apply to Volunteer

    Candidates are invited to apply now by submitting the requested information.

    Volunteer Spotlight

    With more than 20 years of employee communications experience, Pam Sabin has been associated with IABC Atlanta for almost as long, but rarely took advantage of her membership to attend meetings or events…until recently. In 2019, she struck out as a freelance writer and decided it was the perfect time to get involved and network within the organization.

    “When I stopped going into an office every day, I noticed it was difficult to socialize and bounce ideas off my peers,” Pam shared. “I decided to join the Atlanta chapter and volunteer with the Communications Committee, with a goal to meet some new people and learn more about social media.”

    Pam did get involved and meet people in the Chapter. She now manages our social media channels to promote events, speakers and community engagement. She is astonished that in just a few months, she was as comfortable on Hootsuite as she is on email!

    Pam’s newfound social media skills and IABC connections recently led her to a fantastic, full-time job opportunity! We thank Pam for lending her energy and willingness to learn to help promote our chapter’s happendings and offerings.