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Social Media Strategies That Work for Business

Social Media Strategies That Work for Business

An interview with IABC Atlanta speakers, Jessie Ford and Christina Edwards, of Birds of a Feather Creative, to hear their thoughts on what makes a great social media strategy.

Q: Have you found any differences among types of companies or industries in people’s understanding of social media for business purposes? If so, what do you attribute the discrepancies to?


Every industry and business can benefit from social media marketing. There isn’t one type of industry that we have come across that seems to be more averse to understanding the benefit of social media. However, some industries, primarily in the B2B space, are more hesitant when it comes to any sort of change. Opening up your business to social media can really change the entire dynamic of your marketing strategy.

Q: Have you seen the concept of ROI for social media really catch on yet? How do you measure ROI for something like social media and PR??
Absolutely. Measuring the ROI of your social networks is completely necessary to ensure that your audience is engaging with the content that you’re creating. There are many sophisticated listening tools that social media industry pros use to audit ROI. However, most businesses can use the tools that the social networks inherently provide such as reach, views, and engagement.

Social_CitiesQ: What advice do you have to B2B marketers who have to convince their more conservative colleagues to embrace social media for the B2B arena?

We believe that businesses should utilize their social platforms like they do magazines or newspapers. If you aren’t using social platforms to communicate about your new products, systems, awards, and happenings, then you’re missing an opportunity to think outside of the B2B box. Social media is where sales begin and end.

: What do you envision as the next stage of social media (social media 3.0)?

We think Social Media 3.0 is already here! People around the world make their living solely by creating content on their personal social media networks. YouTube, Vine, Periscope and Instagram make it completely possible to have a lucrative career in social media.

Q: Any other thoughts or advice for aspiring social media mavens?
Identify your goals and commit to a realistic plan. Consistency is so important to grow and retain a captive audience. Take a look at what posts perform best on what networks and incorporate that into your strategy as you grow. Have fun, take risks, and use emojis… just not too many at one time! We’re looking forward to talking more specifically about engaging social media communities at the upcoming IABC luncheon.



Christina-EdwardsHSChristina Edwards maintains relationships with some of the country’s most influential brands, organizations, and thought leaders. As one of Atlanta’s top social media strategists, Christina helps give her clients an edge by integrating social media platforms into multi-dimensional campaigns. With a strong belief in entrepreneurship, Christina excels at consulting business owners on increasing financial growth through creative strategies, team building, and branding development.





Jessi-FordHSJessi-Ford is passionate about content creation and the power of a perfectly written post, blog, press release, or caption, Jessi Ford is one of Atlanta’s most experienced public relations and social media strategists. With a knack for communication, Jessi works well with business owners across a spectrum of industries, creating branding, marketing, and social campaigns tailored to fit a variety of demographics. Jessi believes that every business has a compelling story and she strives to successfully find a unique way to use today’s modern social media and marketing platforms to tell it